A Different Approach To Producing High-Quality Whiskey & Bourbon With Dr. Seth Murray of TAMU

Updated: Jun 7

While distillers and whiskey drinkers alike will tell you that the flavor and quality come from the distillation process, Dr. Murray has found that the quality of these Texan-favorite beverages has just as much to do with the corn its made from and the interactions it has with its environment.


Texas Innovators is proud to kick off our Research Video Series with Dr. Seth Murray of Texas A&M University (TAMU). Dr. Murray has been at TAMU since 2008, working as both a professor and researcher at the Tier 1 research institution.

Currently, Dr. Murray serves as a professor as well as the Eugene Butler Endowed Chair in Agricultural Biotechnology. While he has been recognized for his excellence and work in a variety of crop science areas, Dr. Murray’s passion lies in researching corn varieties and their impact on producing whiskey and bourbon.

Approaching Whiskey With Science

The global whiskey market is expected to hit 7.4 billion by 2023, proving that demand is growing at unforeseen rates. While whiskey has a long history of consumption here in Texas, the state has only recently begun to establish itself as a premier producer of whiskey.

Through a collaboration with Rob Arnold, former Master Distiller at TX Whiskey and graduate student at TAMU, Dr. Murray was able to mesh his production of corn varieties with Arnold’s capacity to screen them.

The team of Arnold and Dr. Murray has been able to challenge traditional whiskey norms by showing that the variety of corn, its environment, and the interaction between the two does influence the flavor and quality of the whiskey.


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