Robot Servers Step in To Help Dallas Restaurant

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

If you are in Dallas wanting to grab a bite to eat, we encourage you to stop by La Duni for some delicious food and a unique service experience.


Photo via Dallas Morning News and Elias Valverde II // Staff Photographer

Another inconvenience caused by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic is the labor shortage that most restaurants in Texas have experienced throughout 2021, resulting in not only a decline in customer satisfaction but profit as well.

To combat this problem and relieve burnt-out employees, a North Texas restaurant has implemented an innovative way to serve its customers and keep its business running.

According to an article from Spectrum News, La Duni in Dallas has hired a trio of robot servers named Coqueta, Alexcita, and Panchita. Each can greet guests and physically serve food and drinks to individual tables. This innovative achievement is made possible because of lidar technology and artificial intelligence.

"It changes your entire operation perspective immediately, it's magic," Taco Borga, the co-owner of La Duni told Spectrum News.

Borga explained in the article how she saw a shift in service that began after the first year of the pandemic, as many employees began leaving the restaurant industry in search of higher-paying jobs.

"They already found new directions, activities, new things to do with their life," Borga told Spectrum News. "It's not that they're unemployed, it's just they decided they didn't want to be in the hospitality industry any longer."

Due to the challenges the pandemic presented, four of the five La Duni restaurants were forced to shut down after a culmination of the shortages to their staff and finances. The original location survived and picked up the growing demand of the other four, which brought on the challenge of serving a larger customer base with a shortened staff.

Borga noted that his attempts to hire workers were devastatingly challenging and knew if he wanted his business to last he would have to come up with a new strategy, which paved the way for his new AI staff members.

Since hiring the three robot servers, employees have been able to become more personable with guests and do not have the task of running food and other small items that the machines can handle.

"Especially when this is really full, it's good to know she's here," Miranda Garcia, a server at La Duni told Spectrum News. "It's more money for us."

According to Borga, this innovative move has successfully increased work efficiency to 40% and guests are met with a pleasant surprise when dining in at La Duni.


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