Salad and Go Brings Healthy Options to the Drive-Through In Plano

Salad and Go opened its first Texas-based location in Plano on May 5 and has expressed its plans to expand in the Dallas/Fort Worth area later this year.

The fast-food restaurant features a variety of inexpensive and low-calorie items including salads and wraps, soups, lemonades, organic teas and more.

While prices vary, the chain offers 24-oz drinks as low as $1, while salads and wraps start at $5.74 and include chicken or tofu at no extra charge. Shrimp and steak are offered as an upcharge.

Every salad fits into a 48-ounce bowl that combines vegetables, proteins and healthy fats. The restaurant prides itself on its ability to offer its customers all-natural ingredients, some of which are organic.

Some of the chain's most popular items include the Cobb and Caesar salads, which can be paired with a wide range of dressings, including a fan favorite like the BBQ Ranch. All dressings are made in-house and are preservative-free, each individually packaged to maintain freshness.

While Salad and Go is well known for its quick and affordable lunch options, it also includes a select breakfast menu, featuring a handful of breakfast burritos and a $1 organic cold brew.

The burritos begin at $2.99 and include real eggs, an all-natural tortilla and are served with housemade salsa on the side.

Salad and Go has made it their mission to revolutionize the realm of fast food and change the health of America for the better. At their Plano location, the restaurant has claimed it will be donating fresh salads weekly to organizations whose mission is to fight homelessness and food insecurity. They plan to begin by partnering with the North Texas Food Bank.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the chain has said it is constantly implementing safety precautions by following state and local guidelines. All team members are required to wear face masks and sanitization practices are being followed.