San Antonio Botanical Garden Presents: Frida Kahlo Oasis

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

The San Antonio Botanical Garden has cultivated a recreation of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo’s infamous blue home, Casa Azul, as well as the rich green sanctuary that had a heavy influence on her treasured art.

The exhibition seeks to highlight the relationship Kahlo’s paintings had with Mexican native vegetation and the natural world.

Frida Kahlo Oasis will make its debut on May 8 and run through Nov. 2 and is open to people of all ages.

The exhibit is said to encompass 2,100 square feet of space surrounded by a variety of tropical foliage and desert plants including elephant ears, agave, and marigolds.

Casa Azul was significant in Kahlo’s life, as it was the place where she was born and died. In 1957, it was reformed into Museo Casa Azul.

The outdoor oasis will feature various mementos including Kahlo’s original desk and easel she used to create her portraits. It will also spotlight artifacts from Diego Rivera’s art collection as well.

There will be six different monuments highlighting animals that played a key role in inspiring her artwork, including a monkey, dog, deer, parrot, butterfly, and hummingbird, all of which serve as a direct testament to her love of Mexican Arte Popular.

Sabina Carr, CEO of the Botanical Garden, said “Frida Kahlo had a deeply rooted connection with the natural world, which was shown consistently in her incredible story, home, garden, and mesmerizing artwork,” as reported by KSAT 12.

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