San Antonio Sunflower Field Honors Cancer Patients and Survivors

San Antonio’s newest family-friendly expedition debuted on June 12 at Trader’s Village. The Sunflower field is said to be 10-acres in size and was previously used for the infamous corn maze this past fall.

Although the field is picture-perfect, the meaning behind it is even more special. According to KSAT 12, it was created to represent those battling cancer.

Marketing Manager for Traders Village SA, Brian Billeck, said he intended to create the event to honor fighters like his late son, Damon Billeck. “My son Damon passed away from osteosarcoma three years ago, and last year I was just flipping through some photos [of Damon and was inspired],” Billeck said.

The sunflowers were planted back in March, but due to recent rainfall, opening weekend was postponed for a few days. “Monday of this week, literally, there was nothing,” Billeck said. “There were only a few sunflowers opening up. Then, by Wednesday [or] Thursday, [there was] a sea of yellow.”

He expressed his wish that people of all ages, especially those battling cancer, can find happiness in the sea of yellow that the sunflowers exude.

In remembrance of his son and other fighters of Sarcoma cancer, Billeck displayed a yellow wooden sign shaped like a ribbon that states “Hope.” “A lady came in [Saturday] and saw the [yellow ribbon] cancer symbol that I have in [the field] and hugged it,” Billeck said. “She started crying tears of joy, actually, because she just got [tested and got a result of] NED last week, which is no evidence of disease. She felt it was a sign that things were going to be better.”

The radiant sunflowers, all different sizes, and colors, serve as a great backdrop for couple or family pictures. “Yesterday we had two proposals. We (also) had a bachelorette party. We have a proposal today, too. So, if your fellow says, ‘Hey, you want to go to the sunflower field?’ [you] should [come],” Billeck said.

The sunflower field will be open each weekend throughout June from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information on admission prices, visit Traders Village’s website.