San Antonio Food Truck Serves Four-Pound Loaded Potatoes and Texas Brisket

Texas BBQ is well-known around the world for its large portions and deliciously flavored meals. One San Antonio food truck features sausage, brisket, and loaded potatoes weighing around four pounds.

The company is called Brisket Boys BBQ and is located on Montana Street, near the Alamodome.

Soilo Castoreno, the Alamo City food truck owner, said “All we do this Texas food, Texas barbecue. We go low and slow and we cook our brisket 14, 16 hours per day. Everything’s done with love,” as reported by Kens 5. Castoreno is so passionate about what he does, that he even has a tattoo stating “Barbecue” on his knuckles.

The food trucks host hundreds of people a week, as it is conveniently located in the downtown SA area. First responders are some of their most frequent customers.

Castoreno said he takes pride in being able to serve those who put their life on the line for us every day. “There’s 80 of them coming at a time. And they’re hungry. They’re tired. And here I am feeding them at eight o’clock, nine o’clock at night. And they’re almost in tears because they’re happy to see, you know, we’re out here servicing them,” he said.

As far as portions, Brisket Boys BBQ serves up meals that are guaranteed to fill you up. Their signature brisket is the most highlighted item on the menu. They even have an item called the Beast Potato, which is loaded with brisket, sausage, pulled pork, sour cream, cheese, and butter, which explains the four pounds.

The food truck, although already loved for their current items, works hard to create new additions to the menu, including a recent one which is their brisket mac & cheese.

Castoreno explained his appreciation for his loyal customers and encourages anyone and everyone to come out and try his food. “Texans help each other. And we’re not going to turn our backs ever to anybody that’s hungry, that’s tired, for a meal,” he said.

He also said all customers who come to visit his truck are helping him live out his lifelong dream. “That’s my pride and joy right there – the barbecue pit. Those four wheels right there is what keeps me going.”

For more information about Brisket Boys, including hours of operation, you can visit their Facebook page here.