Santé Laboratories, RESET Bioscience Position Texas as a Center for Nanotech Wellness

CBD (cannabidiol). By now, it is more than just a buzzword; CBD is a profound chemical compound linked to healing and homeostasis in the body. CBD is one of more than 150 active compounds found in the cannabis plant that activates and interacts with a little-known bodily system, the endocannabinoid system. This natural system of receptors is present in the bodies of nearly all members of Animalia. Yes, that is right, we have a natural system of receptors in our bodies that are activated by compounds most notably found in the cannabis plant (cannabinoids can be found in other plants, albeit at minor levels). The known medicinal benefits of tapping into the endocannabinoid system are already quite significant, and researchers have only scratched the surface.

Austin-based Santé Laboratories is a mover and shaker in the nutraceutical, CBD, and hemp spaces providing specialty drug development pipelines and analytical lab testing for the hemp industry. Santé was the first lab to test Texas-grown hemp for total THC content. Apart from analytical testing and the specialty drug delivery pipeline, Sante has RESET Bioscience, the direct-to-consumer brand of the lab’s nano-emulsion technology.

Here are the advantages of the technology, as outlined by Santé:

  • High solubility of water-insoluble compounds

  • Favorable physical and chemical stability

  • Straight-forward Chemistry and Manufacturing Controls (CMC)

  • High drug loading

  • Rapid dissolution and predictable pharmacokinetics

  • Highly reproducible particle size and narrow polydispersity

  • Biocompatible, lipid-based excipients that are FDA and EU approved

  • Scalable from benchtop to commercial (QbD and PAT eligible)

  • Terminal sterilization by filtration

RESET Bioscience is the first pharmaceutical grade, high-quality liposomal CBD. RESET describes its delivery system as “an army of millions of little ‘trojan horse’ pharmaceutical liposomes.” This delivery system can improve pharmacokinetics (absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion) of a drug or nutraceutical.

How does the absorption rate of RESET Bioscience compare to traditional products?

Absorption rate:

- Orals (edibles & oils) | 4-20%