Smoothie King Heads to San Angelo

Photo originally used by San Angelo LIVE!

Smoothie King is heading to San Angelo to blend some of the most delicious, yet nutritious smoothies you’ve ever had.

A banner that reads “Smoothie King Blending Soon” hangs at 1819 Knickerbocker Rd, next to Bonsai Garden and sitting across from San Angelo Stadium, as reported by San Angelo Live.

The smoothie chain is loved throughout the state and is widely known for its nutritious beverages that cater to people of all ages.

According to the company’s website, they “believe each day is filled with promise and possibility. And our purpose is to help you get the most out of it. That’s why each of our ingredients is chosen carefully, and every one of our blends is crafted masterfully. So you can be your best self, live your best life, and rule the day."

The chain is so well-loved that it is the official smoothie maker for the Dallas Cowboys, which was a result of a seven-year partnership that begins earlier this year in April.

CEO of Smoothie King, Wan Kim, said “we are huge Cowboys fans here at Smoothie King, in part because we share a deep connection to the Dallas community and Texas is one of our largest markets. We also admire the way the organization supports the health and fitness goals of their fans across the entire country the same way we support our fans at Smoothie King,” as reported by AP News.

Smoothie King’s menu features a variety of smoothies targeted to help “get fit,” “be well,” or “stay slim” to name a few. All smoothies use whole fruits and organic veggies to fuel not only Cowboys fans but customers nationwide.

The addition of a Smoothie King in San Angelo will not only help residents live healthier lives but will also give them the power to “Rule The Day.”

For more information, read the original article from San Angelo LIVE!