Southeast Austin to Be the Site of First-of-Its-Kind Solar Neighborhood Spearheaded by Tesla

Tesla Solar Panels | Photo originally used by Built In Austin | Source: Brookfield Residential

Tesla has announced that its first solar neighborhood will be located at Easton Park in Southeast Austin, and will work to develop a sustainable community with Brookfield Asset Management and Dacra. Tesla Energy will equip the homes with ‘Tesla V3 solar’ roof tiles and ‘Powerwall 2 battery storage,’ while Brookfield will install EV charging stations in each home and at locations throughout the neighborhood.

According to a press release, the venture will be the first of its kind for Tesla Energy, as it works to develop more sustainable ways to construct residential spaces. Construction for the community is underway, and Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, says the project will reshape the ways contractors look to build in the future.

“Neighborhood solar installations across all housing types will reshape how people live,” Musk said in a statement. “The feedback we get from the solar and battery products used in this community will impact how we develop and launch new products.”

The homes’ energy systems will be provided by Tesla, and Brookfield will incorporate a community-wide solar program for the overall community and its surrounding neighborhoods. The homes will produce sufficient energy for daily consumption, with residents receiving compensation for returning excess power to the energy grid. The neighborhood seeks to become an energy-neutral, sustainable community that can serve as a blueprint for large-scale housing projects constructed globally.

“As consumers increasingly seek out energy security alongside sustainable places to live, combining Tesla’s solar technology together with Brookfield’s real estate and renewables development capabilities will help us meet demand for environmentally responsible communities of the future,” Brian Kingston, CEO of Brookfield’s Real Estate business, said in a statement.

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