Startup: Arlington Open Coffee Club

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

The OpenCoffee Club actually has its roots in a movement from 2007 London, England. The club provides its members a place to meet and discuss topics from technology to startups. In Arlington, Texas a well informed OpenCoffee Club meets monthly to discuss the impacts of technology and the startup scene in the area. The group meets online and at Salter Bros. Coffee at 400 E. Division Street. Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a meeting and thoroughly enjoyed our discussion about technology and the state of the startup community in Arlington.

A fertile startup scene is created through the grass roots efforts from people with a vision and desire to advance their community. We often see the success of thriving startup communities like Austin and Dallas and forget about the efforts of entrepreneurs and organizers. The stories behind building strong communities of any type are filled with gains and losses but at the heart of every success is the people working to make a difference. Texas Innovators is dedicated to telling the stories of both struggle and success.