TXi With Steve Koenig; Overview of Consumer Electronics at CES 2022

Updated: Jan 6

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TXi co-creator Jason Halsey was able to chat with the Texas native Steve Koenig, VP, Market Research at Consumer Technology Association.

Steve Koenig opened CES 2022 in Las Vegas with a presentation on the 2021 snapshot of the state of consumer electronics, providing an overview as we head into 2022.

While your favorite consumer electronics may be manufactured overseas, many everyday tech products are produced in the Lone Star State. Earlier this year, expert Omar Gallaga explained to Texas Standard that companies like Apple and Samsung currently manufacture products in Texas, despite the public belief that consumer electronics are exclusively made outside of the U.S.

It's no secret that Texas is attracting big brands and technology companies, with 63 corporate relocations in 2021, according to YTexas. Mr. Koenig attributes the attractiveness of Texas to the low cost of living (Austin being the exception), a highly-skilled workforce, and the wealth of energy production in Texas to power the innovations of the future.

One of the most significant developments for Texas as of late is the $17 billion investment by Samsung to construct the company's semiconductor fab facility in Taylor, Texas. Jason and Steve touch on Samsung's latest move and what it means for the growth and supply chain of consumer electronics and potential benefits to the Texas economy.


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