SXSW ’22, a Collaboration of Innovative Minds

SXSW is back in Austin for 2022 with an innovative lineup never seen before.

Tim Ferris and Michael Pollan, SXSW ’19 | Photo by Katie Marriner,

The 2022 SXSW Conference & Festivals will be in Austin, Texas, and online the week of March 11-20. Attendees can expect to experience unparalleled discovery, professional development, and networking with creatives from around the world.

SXSW features Conference sessions, Film Festival screenings, Music Festival showcases, Comedy programming, world-class Exhibitions, world-class tacos, tech competitions, awards ceremonies, art installations, and so much more. Over 160 sessions curated by the SXSW community from the 2022 PanelPicker® have been announced for this year’s Conference.

Event Overview – Conference:

With 15 tracks available across SXSW’s 2022 themes, the Conference programming focuses on the most notable innovations in technology, film, culture, music, and beyond. From daily presentations by Keynotes and Featured Speakers to professional development opportunities in various formats, the Conference provides the global community of digital creatives with plenty of opportunities to learn, network, and discover new interests. This year’s themes include:

Discovering the Undiscovered

Cutting-edge innovation and creativity can solve many of today’s most challenging problems. It was not long ago that we lived in a world that could not have imagined an invention like CRISPR becoming a reality. Now we are developing vaccines in record time, electric vehicle innovation is on the rise, there is serious discussion around universal basic income, and the tools and outputs of unrestrained creativity are shaping the human experience.

Built for the Future

People who will be alive in the year 2100 are being born today, and they are set to inherit an uninhabitable planet. Constructing a better world is no longer a moral imperative – it is a matter of survival, and the hunger for solutions to deep-seated problems is enormous. It is time to accelerate change, and policies must be thoughtfully designed as we look to a future that hangs in the balance.

We're All Connected

Covid-19 showed us the limitations of protectionist thinking in our interdependent world. Leaders around the globe are grappling with the uncertainties and inequities that have only grown during life in a pandemic. With more extensive problems than any one country, multilateral cooperation and a long-term commitment to transparency are vital to effect real change.

The Evolving Media Landscape

We have arrived at the era of synergistic mergers, the promise of a coming metaverse, and a host of new platforms that empower digital creatives. We are also firmly entrenched in an era of unprecedented manipulation and misinformation. The recent acceleration of both of these paradigms has been extraordinary, adding more fuel to the fire for calls for increased scrutiny and regulation.

The Power of Inclusivity

Incorporating diverse viewpoints will help lead us to a better society but achieving this has proved challenging. Tapping into a profound diversity of perspectives and experiences can expose alternative options, help avoid groupthink, and improve the likelihood of finding new solutions. Harnessing this power is critical.

Programming Tracks:

  • Civic Engagement

  • Media Industry

  • Startups

  • Advertising & Brand Experience

  • Design

  • Health & MedTech