Texas Health Catalyst And Winstead PC Partner To Advance Healthcare Tech Innovation

Austin entrepreneurs specializing in healthcare technology products in the early stages of development will have an opportunity to propel their innovation as a result of a recently announced collaboration between Winstead PC and Texas Health Catalyst at Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin.

Texas Health Catalyst focuses on supporting early-stage ideas and discoveries that potentially offer significant impact within the healthcare industry. Program lead Dr. Nishi Viswanathan in tandem with Texas Health Catalyst will open the application process in Spring 2021, and will narrow the pool to 10 promising candidates to take part in the program.

The legal team for Winstead PC will offer tailored consultations to each applicant in an effort to address current or potential legal issues. Winstead will work to offer resources intended to support startup entrepreneurs on legal matters including company creation, licensing from the universities, IP strategy, funding, angel investors, lease agreements, OSHA, privacy/global agreements, and more.

The venture will serve as a vehicle to advance unmet needs in technology innovation within the healthcare sector. “Winstead is committed to moving healthcare technology and the latest innovations in the life sciences industry forward,” said Winstead Shareholder Lekha Gopalakrishnan in a company press release.

As a national business law firm employing 300 attorneys, the scope of Winstead’s work involves offering a range of legal services to emerging, mid-market, and large companies, in both the private and nonprofit sectors. Winstead’s team of Emerging-Growth Companies, Venture Capital, and Intellectual Property partners with a range of individuals to offer strategic counsel and further, equip them to advance their business to the next level.

For its part, the Texas Health Catalyst program includes a network of clinical, scientific, regulatory, and commercialization experts, working closely with seasoned industry leaders and investors. Supporting innovation across healthcare sectors including therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices, and digital health products, the collaboration between Texas Health Catalyst and Winstead PC will ultimately help shape the future of healthcare tech in Austin and beyond.