Texas Health Centers Agree To Give Data Access to Holmusk to Advance Innovation in Healthcare

Photo via Holmusk

The University of Texas Health Science Center (UTHealth) and The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD (The Harris Center) have agreed to share patient data with a health tech firm, Holmusk. The premise of this partnership is to create AI-powered analytics through shared data and reinvent behavioral healthcare.

Holmusk, based out of Singapore and New York, plans to build the “largest Real-World Evidence (RWE) platform, starting with behavioral health.” To build and sustain this platform, Holmusk will use AI-powered analytics and digital solutions to innovate and enhance lives.

With the data received from the Texas medical institutions, Holmusk will help create longitudinal patient records. Longitudinal records are a “single comprehensive patient record comprised of data from numerous data sources across the healthcare continuum.”

According to a press release from Holmusk, UTHealth and The Harris Center will provide data that is de-identified and will be used to directly influence and develop AI-driven analytic models.

"The Harris Center has worked closely with UTHealth HCPC for a number of years to provide the best continuum of care for our patients in and around Harris County," Wayne Young, Chief Executive Officer of The Harris Center said in a statement. "With thousands of patient referrals from UTHealth HCPC to The Harris Center every year, it's imperative that we have a robust data set to not only make informed health-related decisions but to continue to create innovative solutions for those with severe behavioral health conditions."

Holmusk’s RWE platform, NueroBlu, will be fueled from the provided datasets. Currently, NueroBlu is the primary source for behavioral health data with its synthesizing of Real-World Data from Holmusk’s renowned analytical platform.

"A fundamental premise at Holmusk is that real-world data can unlock our understanding of patient needs. We see significant potential to understand optimal care delivery and improve outcomes by using data efficiently to address the unmet need in mental health. We are excited to work with UTHealth HCPC and The Harris Center to bring together patient records and work with them to improve care delivery for future patients," Holmusk's Chief Medical Officer, Scott Kollins said in a statement.

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