Looking Back at Texas Innovators' First Year

Updated: Jan 4

A sincere thank you to our readers who have been with us since the beginning, from the Editor.


What a first year for TXi!

On this day last year, we were just a domain with a logo and vision.

Fast forward 365 days and we have produced:

  • 341 blogs

  • 27 video episodes

  • 6 podcasts

From our first episode with the San Antonio Museum of Art to business coaching with SummitTrek to innovating beyond poker with Rounders Card Club, we met with a variety of entrepreneurs and were able to showcase the resolve that is necessary to innovate.

To me, the incredible part of all this is that we did not even have our entire team until November! That speaks to the outstanding leadership and vision from creators Matt, Jason, and our Managing Editor, Kyleigh Halsey.

I can't write this piece without thanking our production team, 44 Productions, for tirelessly pursuing perfection in each video. Without them, there is no TXi.

2022 will be massive for TXi. The next (giant) step is opening our studio, which will be up and running before the end of January. We have some BIG guests coming in for our first studio production, so be sure to visit the site daily!

Our podcast, The Great State of Innovation, is up and flourishing! We have already received a great reception from our podcast and landed some big names, with others soon to come. Be sure to listen on our site or your favorite podcast platform. Our writer and host, Cole Carpenter, is doing a fantastic job with the podcast and has elevated our written content since he came on full-time in November.

The TXi social following is continually growing! Our Twitter account had 35 followers in May, and now, seven months later, it's up to 1700! Please be sure to find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to keep up with our updates/promos and help us continue fostering this community. Brand Manager Ilse Escobar optimized our branding (we did not have reels before she came!) and is doing great work with the design and feel of TXi.

Writer Claudia Alvarez is here for the people and small businesses of SA! I can't wait to see where her content takes her in 2022, as SA does not get enough recognition for its innovations or entrepreneurial community. Claudia will change that!

Thank you to each of our readers and community members. Each of you mean the world to us. I promise that at TXi, we will continue to adapt and enhance our content/product so that our audience gets the most out of what we offer.

We can't wait to deliver better, efficient, and overall more content to you for 2022. You deserve it. When I sit down and write this piece for next year, just know you had a direct hand in the success that precedes it.


Special thanks to Shannon Tyson and Allura Guerra for contributing their time and energy to TXi this year.