575° Pizzeria Provides Gourmet Pies and a Gourmet Time to Amarillo

Amarillo restaurant entrepreneur Brian Kelleher and his team at 575° offer a unique experience that has customers coming back time and time again.

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Credit: 575° Pizzeria (575pizzeria.com)

Think of a favorite food, and along with it, you likely conjure feelings of delight and happiness —feelings associated with the experience of enjoying a preferred dish in a special place, with special people. One popular pizzeria in Amarillo has found the perfect recipe for food and fun that lets customers enjoy gourmet pizza in a setting that celebrates friends, family, and community.

A Community-Focused Approach Enhances the 575° Pizzeria Experience

575° Pizzeria founder, Brian Kelleher, is laser-focused on making people happy. Kelleher recognizes the importance of positive energy and the impact of a strong community, and he also understands that good food is synonymous with enjoyment.

What sets 575° Pizzeria apart from the average pizza shop is the immersive atmosphere the customer experiences when they walk through the door. The Amarillo shop pairs pleasure with perfection as it offers made-from-scratch dough, the finest cheeses, craft beers, an extensive wine selection, and two incredible sangrias.

For the past decade, Kelleher's restaurant was awarded the top pizza destination in Amarillo. On a national level, 575° Pizzeria received praise for its products from Official Best Of America on its "Best of Texas & Lousiana" in 2017 and 2018 and was named the "Best Gourmet Pizza" in Texas both years.

Aside from offering a gourmet pie to its residents, 575° Pizzeria passionately pours its resources and network back into the community of Amarillo.

"We love where we live and work, and the people and businesses that call Amarillo home. As a show of our support, we believe in giving back on a local level. We donate to 501c(3) charities that benefit the local communities of our restaurants."

Another unique aspect of Kelleher and his team is that the pizza shop hosts its own podcast. Those interested in catching a glimpse of what life is like behind the scenes of a thriving business like 575° Pizzeria need not go further than checking out its podcast "PizzaFace."

The podcast delves into the culture of the 575° Pizzeria team with insights from Kelleher and co-host Tamar Todd. Customers and Texans everywhere are invited to hear a range of voices from restaurant employees to community members to get a taste of what life at the unique pizzeria is all about. PizzaFace and its forum also provide a platform for the community to reach out and suggest topics of interest for future podcasts.

Be sure to grab some Brick Fired Bread or a slice of Kamehameha the next time you visit Amarillo to experience the number one option for gourmet pizza in the Lone Star State!


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