TXi Presents: Business Around The Table | Finding a Mentor & Pursuing Knowledge

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In this new series, join TXi Co-Creator Jason Halsey as he sits down with business leaders from across the Lone Star State to uncover the story behind their success.


Entrepreneurs and business leaders possess a unique ability to look at an existing product or field to identify what is or isn't working. Through a culmination of knowledge and skill, true entrepreneurs and innovators break barriers to execute a solution or new way of doing something.

While they do possess the ability to look at products or ideas differently, it takes a lifelong journey and continued learning from experiences and mentors to shape the identity behind the innovator. The most successful business leaders understand the necessity of being immersed in their field, whether that be through mentorship, education, or community involvement.

Dive into the "what" and "how" of the success behind prominent Texas business leaders in TXi's Business Around The Table Series With Jason Halsey.

Episode One: Kelly Compton, Dr. Jose Barrera, and Eduardo Ross

Kelly Compton: Kelly is the chief investment officer at WCM Wealth Management at William Steinert Mask. In his role, he focuses on wealth management and group retirement plans. Kelly grew up in West Texas and graduated from Angelo State. Through a passion for learning, he has spent his career differentiating himself in an industry defined by stagnation.

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Dr. Jose Barrera: Dr. Barrera is a triple-board-certified surgeon focused on reconstructive surgery to repair trauma and correct sleep disorders. Dr. Barrera provides clinical instruction to future surgeons with the Department of Defense, passing along the knowledge and experience gained from a diverse career. As a first-generation immigrant, Dr. Barrera has distinguished himself as one of the top facial plastic surgeons in Texas.

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Eduardo Ross: Eduardo is the VP of research and development at ASNA. Eduardo has spent a career in research and development, providing cutting-edge technology solutions to his clients. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in computer science and a master's degree in information systems from the Monterey Institute of Technology. During his there, Eduardo served as a professor of computer science before joining the ASNA research and development team in 1987. Eduardo jointly holds patents included in several ASNA products.

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