Cole's Crypto Corner: EnergyFunders - The Future of Oil & Gas and Bitcoin Mining Investing

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Credit: EnergyFunders

Texas is a land of opportunity. A place where the ranches stretch far and wide, the energy flows, and the bitcoin mines hum.

The future is being built right here in Texas, and the convergence of oil & gas (O&G) with bitcoin mining is a prime example of Texas' place as a great state of innovation. It wasn't but a half-decade ago that the integration of bitcoin mining into oil and gas operations was a niche filled with orange-pilled visionaries. Now, the phenomenon has gone mainstream, with companies like ConocoPhillips and ExxonMobil dipping their toes in the water of the bitcoin mining industry to create economic value from natural gas that is typically flared.

Texas being the largest energy producer in the U.S., it comes as no surprise that it is home to a company changing the future of energy investing and making investing in O&G and off-grid bitcoin mining more accessible.

EnergyFunders: The Future of Energy Investing

EnergyFunders is an innovative company developing and deploying the first-ever digital platform democratizing access to direct oil and gas investments and off-grid bitcoin mines through crowdsourced ownership. Its vision is to be the RealtyMogul or Robinhood of O&G and off-grid bitcoin mine investment.

Through the leadership of Laura Pommer, CEO and chief geologist of EnergyFunders, the company has deployed two types of funds, with more being deployed in the future. The first is the "Wildcat Pioneer Fund," which invests in unproven, undrilled O&G wells through a strategy deployed by the geological and engineering teams, including veteran geologist and CEO Laura Pommer. In collaboration with trusted third-party analysts, the team assesses geological, engineering, and financial risk with a mission to "offset the greater risks of 'wildcatting' by identifying prospects with excellent upside potential."

The second fund is a first-of-its-kind offering, the "Bitcoin Discovery Fund." This fund will allow investors to own fractional shares of mobile off-grid bitcoin mines located at natural gas well sites. The "natural gas is converted into electricity for powering the bitcoin mine, providing a cost advantage and higher profit margins for investors."

EnergyFunders' Bitcoin Discovery Fund in a Nutshell

Why deploy a fund centered on Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has high market demand, excellent liquidity, and a hard cap of 21 million bitcoins, enabling protection from inflation and devalued currency, a feature vigorously sought after by investors. With the credibility of Bitcoin growing daily, this fund offers high returns in sound money while supporting the future of technology.

The beauty of such a fund is the ability to accumulate bitcoin throughout the fund's life without speculating on price movements to generate a return and acquire bitcoin at below-market prices through off-grid bitcoin mining. Making the deal even sweeter are the benefits of the vertically integrated mining model that EnergyFunders provides. Investors receive efficient and secure returns through the cost-advantaged power of directly sourcing gas from the wellhead to power the bitcoin mine and reducing risk related to relying on the electrical grid for power.


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