TXi Presents: Community Impact | FreeWater - The World's First Free Beverage Company Part One

Who doesn't love getting something for free? Now, brands can pay to advertise on a product that has a 100% customer retention rate, like water.


What value do advertisers gain from paying for ad space on a product given to consumers for free? For starters, modern consumers value socially conscious and sustainable products, and Austin-based FreeWater exceeds that mold.

FreeWater is an innovative philanthropic platform that distributes packaged water at no cost to the consumer by having the product paid for by advertisements housed on the packaging of the water. FreeWater donates 10 cents from every bottle purchased to Austin-based Well Aware with a mission to solve the global water crisis. Founder Josh Cliffords says to solve the water crisis, FreeWater only needs 10% of Americans to consume its product.

So, consumers are happy to consume a sustainable, philanthropic product and engage with brands that are willing to advertise through the medium that FreeWater provides. A bonus to a consumer's interaction with a product and the brands advertising on FreeWater's products is that the product is free. Free products, a unique connection to brands, and participation in solving the global water crisis; a win-win situation for all involved.

In this edition of TXi's Community Impact Series, Matt Lowman and Jason Halsey sit down with Founder and CEO Josh Cliffords to highlight the work and impact of FreeWater and the future of its innovative advertising medium that can truly change the world.

"Amazon 2.0" The First Free Supermarket

FreeWater is just the beginning. Plans for the future include Amazon 2.0, "The Free Amazon," where a variety of products that are consumed every day are available for free. This expansion will enable markets of scale for conscious consumers and advertisers to be involved in the mission of solving the global water crisis.

View the story behind Amazon 2.0 and stay tuned for Josh Cliffords on The Great State of Innovation for more.


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