TXi Presents: Community Impact | San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

6000 volunteers came out stronger than ever to support the 2022 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo and its impact on youth.


Texas Innovators tore it up at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo the last weekend of February. TXi caught up with young innovators in agriculture, sponsors, and administrators of the SA Stock Show & Rodeo to highlight the community impact of the rodeo on the youth and the future of agriculture.

TXi experienced a variety of events; however, the primary focus was the Junior Agricultural Mechanics (JAM) Show. The JAM Show is an event that encourages, recognizes, facilitates, and rewards the learning and development of skills related to agriculture, such as tractor restoration, custom-built ag equipment, and other goods of value for agricultural operations. The young innovators who participated in the event came from every corner of Texas and are working to secure the future of agriculture through STEM opportunities.

Since the start of the scholarship program in 1984, the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo has awarded $232 million in scholarships impacting 19,000 Texan youth annually. The future is bright for the future of Texas agriculture, thanks to events like the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo.

Featured Interviews & Subjects

Marcus Demel - Past Ag Mechanics Chairman

Zandra Kafarela - Chevron (JAM Show Sponsor)

Kaitlyn Evans - JAM Show participant, restored an Oliver Rowcrop 88, circa 1948.

Jaden Adams

Sterling Beale

Klaire Morris and Bob the steer

Jose Reiz

Jesus Villalobos


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