TXi Presents: Community Impact | San Antonio in a Box

Texans unabashedly love to showcase their state and communities to the rest of the world. Thanks to Allison Craig, everyone can enjoy the unique and unforgettable products San Antonio offers.


The pandemic forever changed the way people give and receive gifts. In 2020, Google searches for "online gift" grew by 80% compared to 2019. During quarantine, just about everybody held "zoom dates" with loved ones for happy hours, to watch movies, or to simply maintain human connection.

Additionally, the pandemic altered the ways that companies operate, especially startups and small businesses. As uncertainty and declining revenues rose, entrepreneurs saw how vital a community was during the low points. Many recount how helpful it was having someone who understands how difficult it is to start a business and the challenges of owning a company today.

During this time, Allison Craig saw a gap in the San Antonio community, having launched her own startup shortly before the pandemic. While the world of gift-giving was changing, she realized her brand catered to two significant necessities for companies and consumers. As all great innovators do, Allison Craig identified the need during the pandemic to uplift the community by uniting local products and artisans with a brand that works to ensure those small businesses thrive as much as their own.

In this edition of TXi's Community Impact Series, Matt Lowman and Jason Halsey sit down with San Antonio in a Box Founder and President Allison Craig to highlight how her unique business model elevates the small business community of San Antonio.

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