Dallas-Based Signify Health Offers Innovative Healthcare in Your Home

As a Fast Company 2021 "Most Innovative Company," Signify Health alters how patient care is paid for and delivered through its holistic approach.


Going to the doctor's office for routine checkups can be cumbersome, especially for older Texans. The car ride, long waiting room stay, and the overall process is time-consuming. What if Texans didn't have to go to the doctor's office every time they needed their blood drawn or a checkup?

Dallas-based Signify Health was named the eighth "Most Innovative Company" in Fast Company's Health category for 2021. Signify has built the largest mobile network of healthcare professionals in the U.S. to provide in-home checkups. The network consists of 10,000 credentialed physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners.

The innovation for Signify lies in its mission to provide a high level of in-home healthcare professionals for seniors, mainly through a process that makes insurance providers pay for the patient's total care, not on an individual service level.

Signify Health's Advanced Platform

Signify aims to "transform how care is paid for and delivered so that people can enjoy more healthy, happy days at home."

The company's platform leverages advanced analytics, technology, and nationwide provider networks to create value-based payment programs to ensure better outcomes and experiences for patients.

The company works to connect the traditional healthcare system's fragmentation by engaging people wherever they are, improving outcomes with insights, and expanding access to value-based programs that align financial incentives with health outcomes.

Closing the Gaps of Primary Care Physicians

Signify works as a supplement to primary care by closing the gaps in healthcare through a holistic assessment of the whole person with the documentation of clinical, social, and behavioral needs vital to health and quality of life.

According to Signify, the in-home evaluations are extremely helpful in identifying and documenting patients' health and social gaps, diagnostic tests, and preventative screenings. The health provider outlines the complex challenges older adults face like food insecurity, social isolation & support, health literacy, and transportation access.

Through its in-home evaluations, Signify can identify all problems and provide access to solutions that would otherwise be unmet through a traditional visit with a primary care physician (PCP).

Meeting Patients Where They Are

The value of Signify's platform is the ability for members to spend up to 2.5x longer with Signify network clinicians compared to the average PCP appointment. All information gathered from the Signify's evaluation is relayed to the member's health plan and PCP, ensuring a holistic picture of the person's health.

Signify supports 24 of the top 50 Medicare Advantage plans and completed 1.9 million in-home evaluations in 2021.

"We go to all lengths possible… to ensure that we're lifting up the quality of life for the individuals that we get to make an impact on every day," Kyle Armbrester, CEO of Signify Health, said.


Looking for more information?

Any Texan interested in the care of Signify Health can call (855) 984-5121 or visit its website.

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