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Over the last century, breweries have failed to develop a way to turn their most significant byproduct, spent grain, into revenue-generating products. Thanks to innovation, San Antonio-based Grain4Grain has created a process to turn this beer waste into healthy food options.


According to the International Food Information Council's 2021 Food and Health Survey, how consumers define "healthy food" has positively changed in the last few years. Studies show that 93% of people seek to eat healthy "some of the time," while 63% want to eat healthy all of the time.

A ketogenic diet, commonly known as "keto," is a weight-loss method that has altered how people view dieting. Each year, 12.9 million Americans follow keto. Its popularity does not seem to slow down either, as the term was the most Googled food topic in 2020.

As healthy foods get a second look by the population, more products are emerging to provide tasty and affordable options for all. In Texas, food tech startup Grain4Grain has developed a way to take the byproducts from beloved beer to create healthy, keto-friendly products. Grain4Grain is on a mission to reduce food waste through its patent-pending process that manufactures tasty, low-carb, high-protein flour and affordable products from spent grain.

In this edition of TXi's Driving Innovation Series, Jason Halsey sits down with Grain4Grain Founder and CEO Yoni Medhin to explore its healthy products and uncover how Yoni's persistence allowed him to cut down the process of upcycling spent grain from six hours to just 20 minutes.

Grain4Grain's Pancake and Waffle Mix Can Be Found at HEB

Beer, healthy food, and HEB; sounds like the perfect product for Texans.

View the feature story over Grain4Grain to learn more, and stay tuned for Yoni on The Great State of Innovation.


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