TXi Presents: Electric Speed, Formula E & Porsche Unseen at SXSW 2022

Updated: May 10

The future of transportation is electric, and SXSW proved that consumers will not have to sacrifice the high-performance vehicles they love for sustainability.


Many are unaware that Texas ranks third in the U.S. for electric vehicle (EV) registrations at 52,190 EVs, largely due to perceptions surrounding the state and its dependence on oil.

Texas is notorious for combustion engines, mainly due to its need for fleet vehicles to support oil and gas, agriculture, and other industries vital to the fabric of the state.

A significant theme of SXSW 2022 was highlighting people, processes, and products working to build sustainable transportation systems to combat the climate crisis. Matt Lowman and Jason Halsey caught up with speakers from two of the event's premier transportation track sessions, "Unseen Innovations" by Porsche and "No Turning Back: Formula E and the Electric Future" by Formula E, to explore to future of racing and transportation through EVs.

Porsche and Formula E Set the Stage for EVs

Porsche unveiled its hidden internal designs and models to the public for the first time as part of its "Porsche Unseen" publication. The publication serves as a way to spark creativity early on in the car development process by constructing these secret models for Porsche's use.

Matt interviewed Ingo Bauer-Scheinhütte, head of advanced design at Porsche, at the special event.

Formula E came to Austin to show that high-performance vehicles and sustainability can co-exist. While the series touts lightning-fast and exhilarating competition, it also promotes the importance of EVs and the need for widespread adoption in the future. The panel featured insights from Formula E representatives, a current driver, and a Team Principal for Jaguar.

Jason interviewed Oliver Askew, Formula E driver with Avalanche Andretti Formula E, and James Barclay, team principal at Jaguar TCS Racing Formula E Team, at the panel.


Looking for more information?

Formula E will host its next race this weekend in Rome at the Rome E-Prix. Stay tuned for more SXSW content throughout April.

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