Maestro Entrepreneur Center Helps San Antonio Small Businesses Succeed and Grow

Updated: May 9

The non-profit’s mission is to support local and small businesses by accelerating growth beyond the $1 million revenue threshold.

San Antonio Incubator; San Antonio Small Businesses
Members of a Maestro Entrepreneur Center Cohort. // Credit: Maestro Entrepreneur Center

The Small Business Administration (SBA) defines a small business as a company with fewer than 500 employees. In 2021, SBA statistics reported 32.5 million small businesses in the U.S., which account for 99.9% of all American businesses.

Local businesses create opportunities for entrepreneurs to grow and thrive and create jobs and places for neighbors to come together to support one another. Entrepreneurship runs parallel to the greater mission of the communities an owner represents, providing vitality and livelihoods to the local economy.

Small businesses not only make up a large swath of companies in the U.S., but also accounts for generating the majority of job growth in the country. The SBA estimates small businesses create roughly 1.5 million jobs annually or 64% of new jobs.

Maestro Entrepreneur Center Develops Local Innovators

Innovators in local communities play an important role in creating positions that provide a meaningful outlet for workers to enjoy greater satisfaction compared to large companies. Through their actions, money remains close to home and can pour back into the community to enhance local opportunities.

Moving toward launching a small business is likely one of the most gratifying decisions an entrepreneur will ever make. Bringing an idea to fruition to create a product or service consumers enjoy does require planning and sound decision-making.

San Antonio-based Maestro Entrepreneur Center (MEC) is a non-profit organization that helps entrepreneurs navigate some of the perplexities of starting a small business. The non-profit offers a host of programs and services to help San Antonio entrepreneurs succeed in business while driving job growth for the city.

For its part, MEC has developed a formula to help successful entrepreneurs grow their companies. Through incubating, accelerating, and collaborating, MEC works with local entrepreneurs to create meaningful jobs and foster a healthy economy for the Greater San Antonio area.

MEC provides a creative learning environment conducive to success and serves as a blueprint for organizations to support others in their communities by providing entrepreneurs with the tools and resources needed to continue on a trajectory of growth.

MEC Incubator Offers Continued Support

Support throughout the infancy stages is crucial. Business incubators are organizations offering startups shared operation space for entrepreneurs to experience a collaborative work environment with mentoring and networking opportunities, funding support, and access to shared resources.

MEC is a non-industry-specific incubator designed to help young companies prosper. Through incubation, companies have access to shared amenities like free wi-fi, training classrooms, conference rooms, an on-site notary, and other assets typically unavailable in the early stages.

The center offers companies the ability to grow by designing programs tailored to different industries with core programs.

Buy Local, Grow SA

The year-round initiative works in partnership with the City of San Antonio to increase the visibility of local businesses and provide a platform for business-to-business connections through webinars and resources on procurement opportunities. Buy Local, Grow SA also offers a live component featuring subject-matter experts, live presentations, and monthly networking opportunities.

Maestro University

Previously offered in Fall 2021, MEC offers a 10-week Cohort Program curriculum based-intensive accelerator program for existing small businesses seeking to accelerate their growth. Those who participate have access to sessions led by experienced business owners and free office space.

Construction Conference

Scheduled for June 2022, MEC hosts this conference each year. The 2021 event was a virtual event that hosted 194 attendees, 32 sessions, and 37 speakers.

Youth Programs

Scheduled for June 2022, the one-week youth program introduces the spirit of entrepreneurship and leadership skills to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Phenomenal Women

Scheduled for November 2022, this tradition started with Maestro’s inception. Today, MEC built the program to include a 20-member cohort of women, empowering them to take on the journey of entrepreneurship.


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