Trailblazing Entrepreneur Creates World's First Touch Sensing Bionic Hand

Updated: Mar 11

Specializing in medical devices, Psyonic, led by Dr. Aadeel Akhtar, is changing the landscape of prosthetics through advances in bio-integrated technologies.


Known as Military City USA, San Antonio consists of a strong and consistent military presence and is home to one of the nation's largest active and retired military populations. An estimated 250,000 veterans and nearly 80,000 active duty personnel work out of Joint Base San Antonio—this includes Fort Sam Houston and Randolph and Lackland Air Force bases— and one-in-eight residents in Bexar County have military ties.

From 2015 to 2019, the number of prosthetics provided to veterans totaled 163.6 million. Texas Innovators celebrates the military community and spotlights companies that pave the way to better the lives of those who bravely and selflessly serve in our nation's armed forces.

At CES 2022, TXi caught up with Psyonic and learned how these innovators are driving innovation in medical devices to advance greater access to prosthetics through its use of bio-integrated technology.

Innovating To Offer Quality and Affordable Prosthetics to All

Dr. Aadeel Akhtar developed Psyonic from a vision born at an early age.

"At Psyonic, we develop advanced bionic limbs that are portable and accessible. This is something I've wanted to do my whole life, ever since I was seven years old."

Education played a crucial role in designing and executing the vision for Psyonic.

"For us, it's always been about how can you make the most impact in the world. And so for us, it's all about pushing the boundaries of the technology, which the education brought, but then also commercializing that technology [and] making it accessible ... that's why we went to the entrepreneurship route in addition to the education."

Psyonic introduced the world's first touch sensing bionic hand, The Ability Hand™, as the first of its kind prosthetic that enables sensors in the fingertips to detect pressure and provide a tough and durable alternative for individuals with limb differences.

What sets The Ability Hand™ apart from other prosthetic devices is its level of advancement, "the touch feedback, the robustness and the speed of fashion," Akhtar said.

The bionic hand is also water-resistant and delivers 32 grip patterns, including 19 pre-defined and available for use. The company expects to add more customized grips in the immediate future.

Today, the company was awarded a $1 million grant through the National Science Foundation.


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