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Located on the famous river walk in the heart of San Antonio, resides the San Antonio Museum of Art.


The San Antonio Museum of Art enriches lives through exceptional experiences with art. Its mission is to collect, preserve, exhibit, and interpret significant works of art, representing a broad range of history and world cultures to strengthen our shared understanding of humanity.

In this episode, the San Antonio Museum of Art features two exhibits: No Oceans Between Us and Movie Metals. Both exhibits are currently on display at SAMA.

  • No Ocean Between Us: Art of Asian Diasporas in Latin America & The Caribbean, 1945–Present features approximately 65 works of modern and contemporary art by Latin American and Caribbean artists of Asian descent.

  • Movie Metal—a pop-up installation—brings the films to life through the display of several fan-favorite characters as well as iconic vehicles from popular films and television shows.

About the Speakers

Emily Sano, Co-Director

Emily Sano is a museum professional with a doctorate in Art History, Asian Art History. After moving to San Antonio, Emily learned of a wonderful local museum, the San Antonio Museum of Art, with a great Asian Art Collection. SAMA asked Emily to join the curatorial department and she quickly became the senior advisor for Asian Art. In 2020, Emily became Co-Director of the museum. Day-to-day, you can find Emily directing gallery installations and new acquisitions, organizing shows, and supervising the Education and Marketing departments.

Lisa Tapp, Co-Director

Lisa Tapp has a strong background in accounting, controlling, operations, and general management of museum operations. Lisa joined SAMA as a controller in 2016 and quickly moved through the ranks to Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and now the Co-Director. Lisa ensures the funding is available for exhibits like No Oceans Between Us and Movie Metal. Day-to-day, you can find Lisa overseeing Protective Services, Facilities, Giftshop, IT, Human Resources, Operations, Accounting, and more.

Tim Foerster, Director of Exhibits

Tim Foerster manages the building and installation of all exhibits. Tim and his talented team of four individuals manage the process of displaying every exhibit that comes to the San Antonio Museum of Art.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, SAMA had to shift and innovate instantaneously. From managing donor contributions, general revenue, and PPP loans to reinventing their standard programming to developing online programming, SAMA didn’t miss a beat. In times of turbulence, those who can rise above and innovate are the businesses that survive hardship.


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