Dallas's SNLEE Is On a Data-Driven Mission To Advance the Oil & Gas Industry

Salt and Light Energy Equipment encourages all oil-producing to leverage data analytics to enhance operations and save big on time and money.


These days, data drives the evolution of every successful product or industry. According to Forbes, 59% of companies analyze data and use it as a tool to refine operations and learn more about customer habits.

While data is still a large collection of numbers on a digital screen, how a company interprets it can show much more than how much people spend on a product. In some ways, these figures are the only true pieces of information a company has on its processes, employees, and consumers, making it imperative to analyze and utilize them carefully.

Adoption across all industries is paramount, and Dallas-based Salt and Light Energy Equipment (SNLEE) is a Texas company on a mission to bring data-driven culture to the oil & gas (O&G) industry.

SNLEE Wants All Texas O&G Firms to Leverage Data

Texas is the largest oil manufacturer in the country, producing a total of 1.7 billion barrels of oil in 2021. O&G firms already leverage Big Data and analytics to enhance production outputs and environmental impacts, as the potential of utilizing data can raise productivity by 6%-8%.

SNLEE is a leader in fluid end maintenance services, data collection, analysis, and as of recently, predictive analytics through its innovative and efficient data modeling. The company is bringing data-driven culture into the O&G sector like never before through modeling and its dashboard system.

The dashboard is an original creation by SNLEE for data tracking for hydraulic fracturing companies and is just the beginning of its line of products made to save clients millions by harnessing the power of analytics to discover insights, make predictions, and generate recommendations.

Initial Studies Show Over $2 Million in Savings

SNLEE provided fluid end maintenance services and data analytics to a customer in the Permian Basin who faced issues failing an excessive amount of fluid ends. The client needed help identifying and correcting the problems without impeding operational efficiency and experienced a 43% decrease in fluid end failures in the first month.

In total, SNLEE analytics found that monthly failures reduced by 43%, 58%, and 75% in the three months following the deployment of full-time fluid end maintenance crews on location compared to the failure amount the month prior. The study further showed its system saved $2.6MM+ over three months.

Outside of data, SNLEE distributes a wide range of cost-effective products to O&G industries regionally and internationally. While it pushes technology boundaries through maintenance and data services, SNLEE is well-known in the global O&G equipment service industry for carrying the highest-quality resources and offering full-fledged services to meet the diverse needs of its clients.


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