Amarillo's Talon/LPE is Protecting Groundwater and Soil for Generations To Come

Updated: Apr 27

Groundwater scarcity is an issue many Texans are unaware of, and as state authorities estimate availability will drop 20% from 2020-2070, major industries desperately rely on companies like Talon/LPE.

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Members of Talon/LPE's team.

As Texas' population continues to grow, the water demand will increase. To ensure clean water is secured for Texas, the largest oil-producing state in the U.S., groundwater and groundwater remediation are vital to securing both drinking water and water for industrial uses in the distant future.

Groundwater Security in Texas

A majority of the water used by the state comes from groundwater. According to the Texas Water Development Board, groundwater provides roughly 60% of Texas' 16.1 million acre-feet of water. Protecting this resource ensures that the industries relying on water for output, such as the oil and gas industry, can continue producing the valuable energy needed to keep the economy humming while maintaining the environment.

This week on The Great State of Innovation podcast, TXi caught up with Talon/LPE Founder and President David Prescott. Talon/LPE is a full-service environmental firm offering the safekeeping of groundwater and soil through remediation services in the inevitable scenario of water contamination through chemical spills.

A Leader in Environmental Remediation

The Amarillo-based environmental firm has a reach stretching from New Mexico to Oklahoma. Talon/LPE services clients facing ecological problems in all aspects of the energy complex, including upstream, midstream, refining, transportation, and retail and commercial fueling. They also work with electrical utilities, industrial manufacturing, class I & II railroads, and have decades of experience working with state and federal agencies.

Talon/LPE offers environmental remediation, drilling, and field services to ensure industries operate clean and efficiently while maintaining the natural resources that Texas communities need.

Talon/LPE has experience at over 2,500 groundwater contamination sites, installed over 20,000 groundwater monitoring wells, and collected over 750,000 groundwater and soil samples. Furthermore, the company can complete over 90% of any environmental project in-house.

A Company Defined by Its Core Values

Prescott takes immense pride in his staff and its mission of doing the right thing, regardless of the cost. After a conversation with Mr. Prescott, it's easy to see why the company has experienced sustained success through its core values of "we will do what is right every time, period."

After 25 years in business and 80% of business coming from repeat, satisfied clients, Talon/LPE's brand has secured its place as a world-class environmental remediation firm in the great state of Texas and the surrounding states of New Mexico, Colorado, and Oklahoma.

"Without the right team members, clients who appreciate our efforts, and a consistent drive for quality and improvement, Talon would not be celebrating our 25th anniversary," Prescott said. "The culture that has been created at Talon/LPE has set a firm foundation for the next 25 years to continue to allow Talon/LPE to be a passionate liaison between industry and our natural environment."


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