The Best "Little" Poker Club in Texas: Rounders Card Club

Updated: Jun 7

Urban definition of a Rounder: "A player who knows all the angles and earns their living at the poker table. The absolute opposite of a sucker."

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Rounders Card Club in San Antonio.

Poker clubs have popped up all over Texas throughout the last five years. The social club aspects provide a place for members to come together to enjoy club amenities and play their game of choice for cash prizes of hundreds to even tens of thousands of dollars, all legally.

Controversy struck last December as the city of Dallas, which approved the opening of poker rooms in 2020, cracked down on the very businesses it supported just a year prior.

For most, outside of the legal gray areas, business operations, and earnings, the game is one of passion. Dave Smart and Eric Thomas, co-owners of Rounders Card Club in San Antonio, have used their passions to combine innovation with an unmatched poker experience.

From Bowling Balls to Poker

Dave and Eric met in San Antonio while working for Columbia 300, the world's largest bowling ball manufacturer. Both were avid poker players before opening Rounders.

Dave played poker professionally for seven years with lifetime earnings of more than $500,000. After the two met, they visited poker clubs throughout Texas. They identified the areas where these clubs lacked and knew they could innovate the current business models to enhance the player experience. In 2018, they manifested their dream with the opening of the social club.

"Dave and I are avid poker players and entrepreneurs. We played in several card clubs around the state and felt there was so much each club was lacking," Eric said. "We truly felt there was a great business opportunity, and more importantly, an even greater opportunity to help the poker community by providing a better product."

Rounders' Upscale Facility

Today, Rounders stands as a privately owned membership card club in San Antonio that provides a private, safe, upscale environment for members to have the best poker experience. The facility is open seven days a week and requires $20 for a lifetime membership.

The space is outfitted with two golf simulators, a barbershop, darts, arcade games, a bar & grill, and over a dozen poker tables. Not to mention, Rounders has partnered with West Coast Dealing School to bring professional dealing classes to the Lone Star State.

Rounders is a one-stop-shop for all things poker and leisure, filled to the brim with amenities for the ultimate player experience, whether they are an expert or a novice.

"Now we're looking at, 'okay, how do we reach more people?' Pretty much, if you play poker in our community and in our market, you know these rooms exist because you've been to a game or you've had friends, or you've seen [them] online. Our next dimension is reaching the person who either plays casually or doesn't even know how to play, but they want to pick up a new game."


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Get in on the action from home with Rounders' YouTube channel and Facebook page, where they live stream cash games and tournaments.

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