TXi Presents: The Future of Food Sustainability at SXSW 2022 Part Two

If scientists are correct and the population will outgrow the amount of food produced by 2050, SXSW 22 in Austin will be a pivotal event in human history.


Food waste will continue to plague Texas and the rest of the country until we adopt sustainable food systems. Alarming statistics show that 40% of all food produced in the U.S. is wasted.

Texas is one of nine states that rank higher than the national average for food insecurity, as 1-in-8 Texans or 13% of households do not have consistent access to food. That is unacceptable in the world's ninth-largest economy.

SXSW and its one-of-a-kind family of events showcased the innovators desperately working to sustain our food systems and solve humanity's greatest problem yet. TXi was able to speak with several unique minds and is proud to showcase the individuals who will be responsible for saving our species.

In part one, TXi spoke with various startups to highlight the new ideas and technologies working to build alternative food systems. Now, hear directly from two of the biggest global organizations and how they are altering all processes to reduce waste and change the way humans interact with food.

Austin Brought Out the Big Guns in the War Against Food Waste

TXi covered Featured Session: Future Intersections of Food, Technology & Culture in Austin to show how some of the biggest brands view the relationship between current food systems and waste.

Matt Lowman interviewed Emily Ma, head of food at Google, and Denise Osterhues, sr. director, sustainability & social impact at Kroger, to further understand Google and Kroger's approach.

Jason Halsey interviewed Michael Dean, founding partner at AgFunder, at a panel to continue the conversation around cellular agriculture and the concept of lab-grown meat.


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