Stay Connected Through the Power of Gifting With KOYA

KOYA is a gifting platform designed to help people and businesses connect personally with consumers or loved ones through the act of giving.


Who doesn't like receiving gifts? Receiving a gift from a loved one, colleague, or brand creates a deeper connection with the giver of the present. On the flip side, science shows there are more benefits to giving a gift than receiving one.

Neuroscientists indicate that giving a gift makes the brain's reward circuitry light up more than the act of receiving a gift. There is no better way to activate that brain reaction than through KOYA. KOYA is an innovative new platform where people can "send kindness & kudos to anyone, anywhere."

TXi caught up with KOYA Co-Founder and CCO Caryn Werner on The Great State of Innovation Podcast. Listen to the episode below for more insight into the mind of one of the innovators behind KOYA and where the company is heading.

KOYA Allows Brands To Send Personable Gifts Painlessly

With KOYA, individuals and companies can easily add a logo, a photo, video, or gif, a personal message, and a gift card to any present. They can send at a specific time or when the recipient enters a particular location. The use cases are abundant for leveraging KOYA. Whether it is a remote team manager, a real estate agent, a small business, or a long-distance relationship, all can utilize its benefits.

In times like the one brought on by the pandemic, staying connected to loved ones, colleagues and clients is essential. The beauty of KOYA is that it is an emotional intelligence and relationship tool that enables people to connect in new ways and reinforce positive bonds through the power of giving and receiving.

The reinforcement of positive relational bonds has become a vital part of any company's maintenance of its workforce and company culture. Studies show employees who feel seen and appreciated are more likely to view their work and their colleagues positively.

Today, company culture is vital to the success of any organization's mission and the security of its workforce. Through KOYA, there is no better tool than its innovative gifting platform to show appreciation and connect with employees, loved ones, and clients in a new way.


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Listen to The Great State of Innovation episode with KOYA COO Caryn Werner for more.

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