Tootie Pie Co. Blends Tradition and Innovation To Create the State's Best Dessert

Updated: May 4

Since its humble beginnings in the early 1980s, the popular bakery has grown to two locations in Boerne and Dripping Springs and a thriving online shop for orders to ship wherever.

Tootie Pie; Boerne; Tootie Pie Co
The famous "Huge Apple Pie" from Tootie Pie Co.

Pie has a unique way of bringing people together. An invitation to enjoy a slice of pie can signal shared moments with a friend or loved one and is a chance to connect over the sweetest of tastes and perhaps one of the most quintessential comfort foods around.

Couple that with the opportunity to visit the bustling communities of Boerne and Dripping Springs, and all Texans are in for a memorable treat. Tootie Pie Co. is a tradition in itself. Its founder, Tootie, began perfecting recipes and selling them from her home in the early 1980s. Now, the iconic bakery has developed a loyal following near and far.

Tootie's Humble Beginnings Produced the Six-pound Apple Pie

They say the best things in life are made to be shared, which is why what began as selling apple pies from a small shop in Medina has grown into a thriving brand. In 2005, Tootie took her pies to Boerne, and its success presented an opportunity to open an additional location in Dripping Springs.

While customers can visit either brick-and-mortar shop and delight in tasting any of Tootie's delicious offerings, the bakery also offers shipping options.

Whether shipped or in-person, customers can choose among several tempting pie creations, including Apple, Buttermilk Chess pie, Heavenly Chocolate, Whiskey Pecan, Chocolate Pecan, Key Lime, and other Texas favorites.

Standing tall among those favorites is Tootie Pie's famous Original Apple Pie, an innovative six-pound slice of pie filled with copious amounts of apples and blends of spices.

With a creation of that size, it's easy to see why Texans all over seek out Tootie Pie and its delectable innovations.


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