Validere's Unique Platform Changes Energy Outcomes and ESG Through Data

With its U.S. base in Houston, the oil & gas tech provider enhances operations and efficiency through its commodity management platform.


Energy is hot, both as a topic and as a commodity. We depend on energy daily for the economic flow of our goods, transactions, and connectivity. Any enhanced efficiency within the energy industry trickles down to consumers and continues to progress output as energy demand increases.

The EIA projects global energy demand to increase 47% in the next 30 years. Do we have the systems in place to meet this demand commercially and environmentally efficiently?

One Houston company is working to enable the energy industry to operate sustainably and efficiently by changing how energy commodities manage processes through its industry-leading, all-in-one commodity management platform.

An All-in-One Platform

According to Avetta, the most common challenge oil & gas (O&G) professionals face today is the transparency, visibility, and flow of the supply chain.

Validere is "the only platform that integrates data and insights on ESG markets with traditional commodity markets, giving clients a holistic picture for their core business solutions." With offices in Houston, Calgary, and Toronto, the company aims to transform the world's largest supply chain in the O&G industry.

Impressively, the brand was founded at Harvard and boasts a diverse team from different industries to solve complex challenges and make a sizeable impact. Its innovative product offerings include an Operations Hub, a Commercial Hub, and a Carbon Hub.

Validere's Innovative Products Meet Critical Needs

The Operations Hub is an artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform for oil and natural gas companies that streamline all data sources and feed them into a "single source of truth." The system provides real-time, accurate data for facilities, predictive analytics, optimal sampling and testing workflows, alerts off-norm data, and audit trails for dispute resolution.

Validere's Commercial Hub enables end-to-end commodity management, pricing optimization, and seamless movement across the supply chain. The Commercial Hub allows users to identify new marketing opportunities and long-term partnerships, automate back-office processes like data entry and reporting, and increase netback through system-wide diagnostics to optimize your business.

Finally, the Carbon Hub provides a centralized hub for the management of emissions by collecting all operation and emissions data to gain visibility, power reporting (regulatory or stakeholder), and making operation and commercial forecasts. This hub allows an operator to be more proactive in capital allocation and in meeting Equity, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals.

The Houston Company Struck Big in Its Series B Funding

Validere is further advancing its mission of transforming the energy sector by raising $43 million through the company's Series B led by BlackRock Funds and Mercuria Energy. Other participants include Nova Fleet, Pioneer Fund, NGIF, and existing investors Wing VC and Greylock Partners.

"Validere's mission is to ensure human prosperity through energy that is plentiful, sustainable, and efficiently delivered. We facilitate this through integrating our customers' core business with new environmental initiatives. In order to manage the energy transition well, environmental attributes cannot be managed in a silo, they need to be integrated in the day-to-day operations and commercial decisions," Nouman Ahmad, co-founder and CEO of Validere, said.

As the O&G industry is in the midst of a data-driven movement, the Houston company has positioned itself comfortably for the next decade.


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