Rodeos, Ag Mechanics, and the Future of Agriculture

Updated: Apr 13

The future of farming is here, and events like the Junior Agricultural Mechanics show at the San Antonio Rodeo are crucial to our state's progress.

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The 2021 Junior Agricultural Mechanics Show

Rodeos are a staple of Texas culture, providing immense value for agriculture and education to develop the future of innovators in agriculture. With the industry being vital to the fabric of us here in the Lone Star State, the importance of investing in youth and the future of agriculture cannot be stressed enough. Outside of the fanfare and entertainment value, rodeos are foundational in showcasing innovations in agriculture to drive public support further. The San Antonio Rodeo provides a platform for such innovation and development of the future of agriculture in Central and South Texas.

The San Antonio Rodeo first occurred in 1950 and has grown to be one of the most significant events in San Antonio, with roughly 1.5 million visitors each year. The backbone of the event is the 6,000+ volunteers who dedicate their time to ensure the rodeo's success and its participants. The community, donors, sponsors, and volunteer support, the SA Rodeo has committed more than $232 million to advance the future of agriculture and youth involvement.

Through scholarships, grants, endowments, junior livestock auctions, the calf scramble program, and show premiums, the SA Rodeo annually impacts over 19,000 youth in Texas.

TXi and the Junior Agricultural Mechanics Show

The Agricultural Mechanics show at the SA Rodeo and in rodeos throughout Texas encourages, recognizes, facilitates, and rewards the learning and development of skills related to agriculture. These contests showcase our Texas youth's outstanding leadership, technical abilities, and accomplishments through the design, construction, and exhibition of agricultural projects and tractor restoration.

Texas Innovators has taken a particular interest in this event at the SA Rodeo due to the level of innovation at play. Agriculture is the backbone of our economy. Simply put, people need to eat, and ushering in the next generation of farmers who utilize technology and advancements in agriculture to create products vital to everyday life is a fantastic place to start.

That need for innovation is why events such as the Junior Agricultural Mechanics (JAM) event at the SA Rodeo are vital to our future as a prosperous state. The inspiration of future talent needed to carry the torch of innovations such as John Deere's Autonomous Tractor Fleet wouldn't have the support and development they need to advance. Therefore, it's crucial to show the value created by the next wave of innovators and farmers.

TXi looks forward to highlighting the innovation and stories at the JAM show at the SA Rodeo.


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