Texas Music Ranch Provides a Safe Space for All Musicians

The Texas Music Ranch (TMR), located in Austin, serves as a haven for musicians from all walks of life. Artists are encouraged to find creativity while feeling a sense of comfort and community. The outdoor music venue hosts musicians of all genres, allowing them to share their passion for music.

Photo originally used by Spectrum News

The ranch is a family-owned business,

operated by Gino Cavazos and is located off FM 973 in Austin and sits on about 40 acres of land. The land for the ranch was passed down by Cavazos’ father, who expressed his wishes for a music sanctuary to be created.

According to Spectrum News, Gino Cavazos said “one of my grandfathers was a musician and my other grandfather was a rancher, so music ranch came to be.”

Before running TMR, Cavazos served in the army where he learned to never leave a man behind. He says this doctrine helped influence the moto of seeking to provide refuge and comfort for broken artists as they pick up the pieces and rebuild their lives.

“It turned into some sort of recovery where they could come and not worry about having to sleep under a bridge or give in to their habits. I know what it feels like to have a good upbringing a good family to love you. And I see a lot of lost people who are broken that don’t have that. But they come and they stay with me and we go through this together,” said Cavazos.

Cavazos is also passionate about giving artists who struggle with addiction a sense of support they may not receive from family or friends. For this reason, he created a community of artists named the “Tribe” who live at the ranch for free to live freely without having to face temptations from the outside world. Throughout the year, TMR also hosts music festivals and weekly events with performances by artists across the country.

“We are a home away from home for all musicians. We are home away from home for engineers. We are a home away from home for anyone who wants to get into the music culture. If you’re honest about it and you really want to heal. Come on out,” said Cavazos.

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