Texas Teens Promoted to Managers as COVID-19 Worker Shortage Continues

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, fast food chains throughout Texas are quickly promoting teenagers to manager positions due to a worker shortage in America. One restaurant, in particular, is helping these young adults reach new heights by giving them the opportunity to transform their overall financial stability.

According to Fox Business, Layne’s Chicken Fingers CEO Garrett Reed said the company and its various franchise partners hire teen employees on a “learning wage” and allow them to work their way up to earning a managerial “living wage” salary. "We teach them the ropes of the business, how to put on an apron, how to put on a hat, how to cook toast. We have quite a few young people in our organization that have moved up into those higher wage brackets now."

Layne’s Chicken Fingers begin training 16- and 17-year-old teens to run upcoming stores when it began losing staff to bigger fast-food chains like Walmart and McDonalds, as reported by Business Insider. While the training process has begun for these teenagers, it could take up to two more years for them to be fully prepared on how to handle operations at a new location.

Originally, Reed said he had plans of opening up to 120 new franchise locations in Texas by 2028. However, because of the labor shortage, there has been a delay in signing leases. Although the chain can promote some teens to managers, there’s only so much they can keep paying to remain profitable.

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