The Ferrari Kid Changes Memories for Children

The Mission of The Ferrari Kid is to provide a “Celebrity” for a day experience for kids coping with cancer, and other severe medical issues. The Ferrari Kid was created by Manuel (Manny) Diotte.

Manny's story begins in 1979 when he was diagnosed with cancer at the age of seven. and given six months to live. When he was diagnosed, technological advances weren't available that we have today, and chances of survival were slim.

Manny fought and survived through over three years in the hospital, 51 surgeries, two years of Chemo, 18 months of radiation, and more hospital stays than he can count. His survival created a new purpose for him.

Manny created The Ferrari Kid because he wanted to create memories for the kids that mothers could keep. After taking a picture in front of the Magnum PI Ferrari as a child, Manny always held on to that memory and it helped to create the vision of The Ferrari Kid.

How The Ferrari Kid Innovates

While there are wonderful children-focused organizations and nonprofits, The Ferrari Kid offers donors, volunteers, and the general public to get involved. The Ferrari Kid encourages families, companies, and individuals to come to the events to make the kids feel special on their day.

Get Involved with The Ferrari Kid


If you have time, come volunteer with The Ferrari kid. They encourage you to bring the whole family! Some events have 100-150 people there to surprise the kids with pads for them to sign and pictures to take.


Every charity needs treasure. If you can sponsor one or more children, part of the Gala, whatever you can do to support The Ferrari Kid.


If you have a talent such as a musician, come and be part of the Hope Tank, a monthly event for the kids. Even after the Ferrari event with the kids, they still need to feel the love. Your talents might be the perfect fit.


If you can connect The Ferrari Kid to organizations or people who can help out, the more the merrier.

Click here to learn more about how you can get involved.

Upcoming Events

BOOTS & BLING CASINO NIGHT, Saturday, November 6, 2021.