The Great Springs Trail: Benefits From the Alamo to the Capitol

The Great Springs Trail | Photo taken via @greatspringsproject on Instagram

Grab your boots and floats!

A plan for a new 100-mile trail will be completed in December of 2021 that will connect Austin to San Antonio. The Great Springs Trail will be completed in 2036 and will link to four iconic Texas springs: Barton, San Marcos, Comal, and San Antonio Springs.

According to a report from the Great Springs Project, it is estimated that the proposed trail system and related land conservation efforts could generate $55.9 million in annual benefits, benefiting these categories:

Photo taken via @greatspringsproject on Instagram
  • Economic Benefits: similar to other trails, this benefit could come from non-local visitors on goods, services, and lodging.

  • Transportation Benefits: more walking, less driving. Reduction in vehicle miles traveled and associated reduction in congestion, collision, etc.

  • Health Benefits: More activity = less healthcare cost.

  • Land & Water Benefits: ecosystem benefits related to land and water conversation.

Culture Map Austin reports that preserving 50,000 acres of undeveloped land and reducing emissions as a result of fewer car trips (replaced with biking or walking trips) produce carbon sequestration benefits. An estimated 5,500 walkers and runners and 4,800 cyclists are expected to use the trail each day.

With an expected use of over 10,000 people daily, it is no surprise that this trail will be a new attraction to visitors near and far. The benefits of economic, transportation, health, and land & water are endless.

Interested in learning more about the Great Springs Trail and its economic benefits? Click here to read the full report.

Video taken via Great Springs Project on YouTube.