The UTSA Fostering Educational Success Center Helps Students Overcome Challenges in Higher Education

As stewards of student success, the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) offers a range of programs and services that enrich student lives as they pursue their college education.

Among these programs stands the UTSA Fostering Educational Success Center (FESC) which works with students who have lived in foster care and assists them with resources and services. As part of the Student Success programming, FESC offers the tools needed for these students to realize their potential as they pursue their degrees.

Launched in 2019, FESC is a campus-based program offering basic needs including food, scholarships, crisis funds and connects students with the larger UTSA community. In addition, students seeking services at FESC have access to staff and trauma-informed coaches with training to offer students the life skills needed to pursue success including ways to forge healthy relationships, financial literacy skills, setting career-minded goals, and ways to connect with other resources. Students electing to extend foster care to age 21 are also eligible to UTSA’s Supervised Independent Living program, providing housing, a full meal plan, and a monthly stipend.

UTSA reports that the number of students in need of assistance continues to grow, with FESC indicating 7 of 10 students with a history in the foster care system utilize the services offered through FESC. In 2021, 103 students are anticipated to seek FESC’s services.

“Our eligible student population has grown tremendously over the last two years,” FESC Associate Director Emily Marcotte told UTSA Today. “We’re coming into our third year of operations with an anticipated 58% increase in the number of students we will be able to serve compared to 2019. Students are excited about being involved with our center and we are able to keep growing at such a rapid rate in part because of their investment in our program.”

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