The Value of Trade Shows for Small Businesses

Updated: Apr 6

Trade Shows and Job Fairs allow for companies and talent alike to engage with their local business ecosystem, drive engagement, and develop their brands in unique ways.


According to Governor Gregg Abbot, Texas is home to three million small businesses, accounting for nearly half of Texas' workforce employment, and 99.8% of businesses in Texas. With the economic output derived from small businesses in Texas being so substantial, there is no better way to connect with and learn about these businesses than through trade shows.

Trade shows are invaluable for companies looking to grow their networks with other synergistic businesses and recruit talent. On the flip side, trade shows and job fairs allow talent to engage with compan

ies and learn about prospective employers, industries, and projects that their skills have upside value-added. It’s a win-win event for businesses and talent who want an inside look at their local, state, or national ecosystem.

From Virtual to In-Person

Since the pandemic, in-person trade shows and job fairs took a hit, and companies have been forced to pivot to less intimate virtual meetings. Virtual meetings are great for accessibility, but they lack the personal connection of in-person events. In virtual settings, sometimes the communication of shared values and the “human touch” is lost in translation or isn’t expounded upon enough to impact prospects' connection to a brand.

Value Prop of Trade Shows

Trade shows provide value for businesses in three ways: more intimate connections and sales with existing clients and customers, sales to new customers who are dissatisfied with their current offerings, and customers who didn’t know your product exists and the value it can provide for them. Furthermore, trade shows offer an opportunity for businesses to debut new products or promote old product lines in a new way separate from the channels typically used.

According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, the cost of meeting a prospect face to face at an office is over $250. However, it only costs $142 per meeting at a trade show. This m

akes trade shows one of the highest ROI forms of marketing and provides a unique marketing opportunity. Who wouldn’t want to spend less money, attain more valuable leads, and develop more intimate relationships within their industry?

Texas Innovator’s Trade Show and Job Fair

If you are a business or talent seeking work in the San Antonio area, check out Texas Innovator’s Trade Show and Job Fair on Tuesday, May 3rd at Granberry Hills (6390 Granberry, San Antonio 78239). Come check out San Antonio businesses driving the future at the job fair, polish your resume and improve your interview skills in our workshops, and gain insight from keynote speakers. The TXi Trade Show and Job Fair is an excellent opportunity for you to connect with other synergistic businesses, have onsite interviews, and network with the local San Antonio business community.


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