This North Texas Company Is Paving the Way for Health-To-Home Care Across the State

As we approach a post-COVID world, it looks as if telehealth and virtual patient care visits are here to stay.


Doctor visits are costly and time-consuming, which is why healthcare facilities are finding ways to provide care for patients via telehealth visits and by offering pharmaceutical delivery options.

Recently, North Texas has become a leader in this industry and is setting the example for many healthcare providers on cutting costs while maintaining a great rapport with patients.

According to D Magazine, My Labs Direct (MLD), a Plano-based company founded by Justin Simons, became well-known for offering lab tests like COVID-19 testing from the comfort of the patient's home.

MLD skyrocketed when it partnered with Baylor University to provide on-site COVID-19 testing for students, faculty, and staff. Because of its success, the lab is expanding to service fingerprinting, paternity testing, food safety testing, and more.

While Simons and his model experienced widespread success, he cautioned himself when building MLD in fear of profit being driven solely by the pandemic.

“I certainly didn’t know what this would become or what it was going to turn into, but it was a necessary evil, and we jumped into it,” Simons told D Magazine. “I wanted to see things materialize in our approach into the market, not wanting to be deemed or viewed as some like profiteer. I’m still sensitive to that because I’ve been in this industry and battle-tested. it was at a time when you were seeing these huge delays and turnaround times on results.”

MLD has experienced great success with not only at-home COVID-19 tests, but D Magazine also noted the company provides critical services such as "blood and wellness testing types, such as thyroid and testosterone measurements, that can be done through the mail."

As of July 2021, experts say that the pandemic has accelerated telehealth visits and mobile testing to unforeseen levels. The attitude towards telehealth usage has changed also, as these visits are conducted 38x more often than before COVID-19.

“It’s creating accessibility that complements a doctor’s practice,” Simons told D Magazine. “They can implement us as their cash alternative for those patients of theirs that they’ve identified that need this.”

Regardless of when the COVID-19 pandemic ends, its clear telehealth services make patient lives easier, while saving companies money and time.


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