The Real Life Vocational Technical Institute Is Creating Real Change for San Antonio Residents

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

"When you give someone work, you change their whole family."

Students of the Vocational Technical Institute gathered at River City Community Church to receive their certifications in front of family and friends.

River City Community Church in San Antonio is an anchor for the community by providing food for those in need, sports fields for recreation, an amphitheater for events, and trade school programing to provide an opportunity for job skill development.

In part one of the video series, pastor Yoan Mora outlines his journey as an immigrant from Cuba to becoming a pastor of a Spanish-speaking congregation on the west side of San Antonio. In this area, the average income is a mere $25,000.

Trade School Programs

The foundation of his journey satisfied a need for the community; “need is the mother of invention,” he says. He innovated in connecting with his community, which later gained national attention. His path to becoming a pastor at River City Community Church was fueled by an article published in The Atlantic that piqued the interest of the executive pastor at River City, Mike McGuire.

While on the west side of San Antonio, pastor Mora had the foundations of a vocational trade school program running in the basement of his church. Students were taught the trade of A/C repair as an avenue for his congregation to increase their standard of living.

After meeting with Sean Azzaro, the senior pastor at River City Community Church, pastor Mora and senior pastor Azzaro connected over having the same “heart” when it comes to ministry. River City brought him on to their staff to form a Spanish-speaking congregation and expand the vocational training program through the Vocational Technical Institute.

Part Two | A Church Innovates to Focus On the Real Life


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