Twisted Wedding Chapel Attracts Attention in North Texas

The Twisted Chapel

A twisted wedding chapel in the middle of nowhere is turning heads on the side of the road in North Dallas.

Although you may think of twisted as being eerie and creepy, this chapel is literally, twisted. The chapel was created to lean towards the left, while the bell tower on top leans more towards the right, as reported by News 1.

“We wanted to create something super memorable, out of the norm.” Elizabeth Jones, operator of the Twisted Chapel said.

And that they have.

The windows were created to be crooked on the sidewalls, giving off a funky optical illusion. Chris Duncan, the creator of the building, said he took an immense amount of time trying to show as much attention to detail as possible.

Although he wanted things to veer in opposite directions, he also had to consider the foundation and how to give off the intended look while making sure it stayed standing.

“Framing it was probably the toughest because every board is different. It’s constantly changing, so you can’t just figure out the angles on one board,” Duncan said.

Duncan mentioned he was previously inspired to create artwork by Tim Burton and Dr. Seuss. While the chapel is unlike anything that part of Dallas has ever seen, it attracts the attention he was hoping for.

The artist said he moved from Oklahoma to Pilot Point over 20 years ago and wanted to create unique art the community would love. The chapel took around two months to build and has quickly become a tourist attraction and fan-favorite.

Although the interior still needs to be finished, the attention has brought business to the community too.

“I think the world is hungry for something new,” Jones said. “Everything we do is about love and happiness and bringing beauty.”

Although the new Delta variant may prove to through a wrench in travelers' plans, Duncan is proud of the work he’s created and hopes all will make it out to see the Twisted Chapel.

“There are a lot of people that love the arts or something different or unique, so those are my people,” Jones said.

For more information, view the original article from Spectrum Local News.