TXi Presents: Providence Place, From Brothel to Safe Haven

Updated: Mar 3

Providence Place is ending the cycle of generational trauma through innovative services.


The story of Providence Place began in 1895 when Madame Volino, the owner of a San Antonio brothel, experienced a life-changing conversion and committed her home as a rescue mission for vulnerable women and helped them place their babies for adoption.

Since then, Providence Place has placed more than 6,000 children in loving homes. Providence Place is a professional adoption agency fully licensed by the state of Texas and recognized as a pioneer in open adoption with a reputation for integrity.

Today Providence Place provides multi-purpose programming to various populations. These include adult survivors of complex trauma, women facing an unplanned pregnancy, families with children under the age of three and children and youth in foster care.

We had the pleasure of meeting the Providence Place team, including Judith Bell, the CEO of this incredible organization.

From Brothel to Safe Haven

At Texas Innovators, we thrive on innovation. Nothing says innovation and pivoting more than a brothel blooming into a safe haven for girls. The history of Providence Place is rich with grace and transformation that showcases the dedication of women finding their voices for the last 126 years. Providence Place provides a safe place for women to rest, pause, and restore. We are excited to share this story with our audience.


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