TXi Presents: Community Impact | River City Community Church Part One

Updated: Apr 21

River City Community Church in San Antonio has innovated and pivoted to meet the demands of the community by helping residents find honest work through training and education.


River City Church is known for focusing on "real life." With their ministry, focusing on real-life means leading those to Christ and allowing Jesus to show them the way to fulfill God's plan for our lives called "The Journey to Real Life!"

For pastor Yoan Mora, that meant going beyond the church's moniker to reach immigrants and those in his community who are struggling to find their footing. When Yoan came to San Antonio from Cuba in the early 2000s, he immediately saw the need in his community and began to ask the question, "why?"

Soon after Yoan began fostering relationships and establishing his presence throughout the west side of San Antonio, he started to wonder how he could help provide opportunities and knowledge to those who are coming to the United States behind him.


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