TXi Presents: Community Impact | United Way & SAVA

Updated: Jun 23

With an industry value of over $184 billion, non-profits in San Antonio understand the importance of volunteers in Bexar County.


Saving the world, one volunteer at a time — that’s what the San Antonio area Volunteer Administrators (SAVA) are all about. SAVA provides volunteer administrators with networking opportunities and professional development tools. Through this network, SAVA offers programs and services that support the volunteers and staff of organizations throughout San Antonio.

Volunteers in San Antonio

A person's time is arguably the most valuable commodity one has. Once the moment passes, it is gone forever. Volunteers willingly give their time and energy to aid another or provide a service, thus offering their most valuable commodity to help others.

The unwavering dedication to the community from San Antonio residents underlies the giving spirit of the town and its value to volunteerism.

The Value of Time

While acts of volunteerism come in all shapes and sizes, experts agree on the value of their time. Recent studies show that the value of a volunteer hour has jumped up 4.9% in 2020 to $28.54/hour.

$28.54/hour is roughly equivalent to $57,080.00/year. Typical positions for that salary are Executive Assistants, Warehouse Training Managers, or Property Managers, to show the industry value for volunteers.

Volunteer Management in San Antonio

San Antonio is the nation's seventh-largest city and the second-largest in Texas. The challenge for volunteers in a place like River City is identifying which organizations they would like to service.

This process is not always as simple as just finding places to volunteer or volunteer opportunities, it is about servicing and offering personal time to a third party that aligns with your purpose.

Big City, Small Town

For the next edition in its Community Impact Series, TXi visited with United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County, and San Antonio Volunteer Administrators

(SAVA) to learn how they benefit the San Antonio community through the

collaboration of volunteers.

Join creators Matt Lowman and Jason Halsey as they sit down with Brandyn Rodriguez, Vice President of Community Engagement at United Way; and Valerie Sanchez, Impact Manager at United Way; to explore how these innovators and their organizations mirror the principles of entrepreneurship to connect community members with volunteer opportunities.


Looking for more information?

Whether it's a college student looking to connect with others through volunteerism or a business wanting to give back to its community, SAVA offers structured opportunities to promote volunteering. Members are given opportunities to network and expand their knowledge of volunteer management, and workshops are held to promote engagement.

Are you an executive or innovator looking to get involved? Visit uwsatx.org to learn about corporate and individual opportunities to serve organizations and non-profits in San Antonio and Bexar County.