United Way of Metropolitan Dallas Hosts Innovative Technology Challenge

United Way is pushing innovation in healthcare through its Technology Challenge to allow creativity in emerging healthcare technologies.


This year, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas hosted a Technology Challenge, which awarded $1 million to five lucky winners. This virtual event hosted on Oct. 19 provided funding for a variety of different companies, including small technology startups as well as notable health care networks.

This was an event sponsored by AT&T, one of the world’s biggest technology companies. The contest allowed individuals and healthcare systems to express their creativity by coming up with technology-based solutions for healthcare issues the North Texas community is facing, as reported by Dallas Innovates.

While the competition was tough, only the best came out on top, each vying for a shot to earn funding for their business. Two sets of awards were given, each included with a monetary prize.

The first was the Entrepreneurial Venture Award for $200,000 and the second was the Institutional Venture Award for $150,000.

As if the monetary prize wasn’t brag-worthy enough, winners of the Entrepreneurial Award also received a one-on-one consultation with BCBS C1 Innovation Lab. This gives the winners an opportunity to gain insight into the latest products and services within the healthcare field.

The winners of this year’s United Way Health Innovation Technology Challenge included GreenLight VitalSign6, Insight Optics, and OneSeventeen Media. However, the winners of the Institutional Venture Awards included Children’s Health and Parkland Health and Hospital System. Each of these businesses will be able to use their monetary prizes to make a huge impact on the future of healthcare.

United Way began this healthcare technology challenge to improve access and equity in the healthcare realm for all. It also sheds light on the people who run these businesses and who are making a huge impact on our world.

“To improve access and equity in health care, we must all work together to find solutions to our greatest challenges. The Health Innovation Technology Challenge is driving innovation and impact through collaboration, and we’re proud to have the opportunity to elevate our finalists’ forward-thinking, technology-driven innovations so they can benefit our entire region,” said Jennifer Sampson, McDermott-Templeton President and CEO of United Way of Metropolitan Dallas.


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