Uniting Parents Partners With Superior Healthplan to Provide Resources for Children

Do you live in Amarillo and have young ones in need of school supplies or family engagement support? Well, look no further. Uniting Parents (UP) recently expressed its newly formed partnership with Superior Health, which aims to provide school supplies and host family events.

Program Director of Uniting Parents at the Coalition of Health Services, Maria Garcia, said when she saw daily operations returning to normal, she jumped at the opportunity to host events for children. “During COVID, a lot of kids have been cooped up, or they’ve been homeschooled. They haven’t had lots of activities. So as I saw things approaching more into normality, I thought we need to do something for our children,” as reported by My High Plains.

Uniting Parents is a parent case management program, serving families with children who face chronic illnesses and disabilities. They have offices in Amarillo, Dumas, Lubbock and provide services to 32 other counties in the Texas Panhandle. Their mission is to empower families by helping them enhance their children’s lives by providing them with information, education, training, referrals, networking, and overall support.

Likewise, Superior HealthPlan’s goal is to revitalize the health of the community by enrolling people in outreach programs, like the one they have created with Uniting Parents. Both organizations will not only support families by providing school supplies but are committed to hosting monthly meetings that provide educational resources for families who have children with disabilities. Topics discussed will include Service Coordination, Value Added Services, Behavioral Health, and more.

Both organizations have also expressed their hopes to provide families the opportunity to take their kids to amusement parks in Amarillo and Lubbock during the summer. "So hopefully, our families of children with disabilities can get out into the community and start having more of a normal, typical summer life and also some education in there as well,” said Garcia.

For more information about the program, families can call the toll-free number at 888-892-2273. Those who are local may call 337-1700.