UTSA Names Founding Director To The First Of Its Kind School In Texas

The newly founded School of Data Science at the University of Texas at San Antonio has announced its selection of David Mongeau to serve as Director to the first of its kind school in Texas. The school is part of the University’s 10-year plan toward advancing the Downtown Campus to serve as a vehicle for training the next generation of highly skilled professionals in the fields of data science and analytics. In doing so, the School of Data Science will augment the economic development within the City’s urban core, and drive the creation of greater career opportunities for UTSA graduates.

Mongeau joins UTSA following a leadership role as executive director of the Berkeley Institute for Data Science at the University of California, Berkeley. According to UTSA Today, the new school under the leadership of its founding Director will play an integral part in positioning San Antonio as a hub for new and emerging technology. “We are at a pivotal point in San Antonio’s growth trajectory and UTSA is leading the way in developing our region’s workforce of the future. The new School of Data Science under the leadership of David Mongeau will further connect our current and future businesses with the tech talent they need to thrive in San Antonio,” said Jenna Saucedo-Herrera, president and chief executive officer of the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation.

Lauded as a leader in the field of cybersecurity, cloud computing, and analytics, UTSA is one of only a small number of universities across the nation, and the only Hispanic Serving Institute, to hold three National Center of Excellence designations from the National Security Agency and U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The school will also serve as an accelerator for seven UTSA research centers dedicated to transdisciplinary research and development including the Center for Infrastructure Assurance and Security, the Cyber Center for Security and Analytics, the Institute for Cyber Security, the MATRIX AI Consortium, the Open Cloud Institute, the Cybersecurity Manufacturing Innovation Institute, and the National Security Collaboration Center.

For more, visit the original article found at UTSA Today: https://www.utsa.edu/today/2021/05/story/mongeau-david-lead-school-data-science.html